There’s so much GOOD in the world, and my mission is to help you see it! Hey, y’all, I’m Jaimee Dorris, the queen of positivity. I want to help you see the WORLD as a smaller… more kind, beautiful, and accessible place… to be the backdrop of your next adventure. If one story here makes you feel more trusting, curious, happy, and free, then I’ve done the job I was put here to do.

Find YOUR Happy Place here… on MS Congeniality TV

About the SHOW

MS Congeniality TV is a television and Youtube show written and produced by Jaimee Dorris. It airs on TV in Mississippi and Louisiana.

It’s a positive, high-energy program featuring a wide-range of topics and people. There are no politics, no ugliness, no exclusivity on MS Congeniality. This show is for anyone who has an open mind and an open heart to learn about people and places and topics around the world in a lighthearted fashion.

We are now in production of our 3rd season of TV shows. Our first two seasons are available to watch on Youtube.

Our Team

Who says big things can’t happen with small teams? Our team here at MS Congeniality TV consists of just us. We do the writing, the planning, the shooting, the editing, and the business production. Contact us for information about show ideas, sponsorship, booking events, media relations or to just say “Hi.” Promise, we don’t bite!

Production Assistant
Jessie Herron
"The Man"
Joel Dorris
Lee Williams
Host & Executive Producer
Jaimee Dorris

Our Partners

MS Congeniality TV Partners are the cornerstone to the success of our program.
We partner with small businesses, organizations, governmental agencies, non-profits,
and corporations for investment, sponsorship, access, story ideas, synergy and…
just for the joy of it! Let’s add your name to this list.

Explore the Topics

The MS Congeniality Show is a mixture of all three of these themes — Adventure, Environment, & Femininity. Chances are one of them drew you in. If so, feel free to explore each of these topics individually through the section on this website. There are more details and a link to related vlogs and commentary about each subject as well as a list of sponsors, partners, and resources for each individual story.

Travel & Culture
Go Green
Beauty & Empowerment

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